Welcome to ‘Notes from the threshold’! The threshold is a ‘grey area’ between one reality and the next. This ‘grey area’ manifests itself in many places and situations, it can be the threshold between being on the edge of society and at its centre, it can be the threshold of a doorstep to a church, it can be the threshold between this life and the next. One thing is for sure, those who find themselves in the ‘threshold’ are impoverished and marginalised and we have all been in, or will be in the ‘threshold’ at some point in our lives.

As a permanent deacon in the Roman Catholic church, I find my calling, ministry and theological identity as one called to serve. Deacons will often find themselves in the ‘threshold’ ministering to the ‘margins’. I hope that my simple reflections here will offer an insight into the ‘grey areas’ of life and the spirituality of the diaconate.